Football Transfer News – Real Madrid , Milan , Man City , Man Utd

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Football Transfer News

Gealena – Football Transfer News. Welcome to football talk, football news about Player Transfer, and also in phonetics corner shifty was doing the rounds in the city. He came across a football juggler so I’ve got a bit of footage of that that I’m going to show you guys hope you enjoy it. That so let’s kick off the episode and now it’s time for football time miss shifty I will kick off this episode.

We’ve news that Manchester United that they are about to bump up Nani’s pay up to 90,000 k a week. Now obviously men united want to keep Nani. So bumping up that pay a little bit is going to help now news with goose Hiddink. Now everyone knows that the Turkish national team let him go, well there’s been a lot of rumors going around. And a lot of people know about the Chelsea rumors that he is very close to Roman Abramovich.

Now I don’t know if villas-boas is going to be given the boot already who knows Chelsea hasn’t been going that well, the three Neil win over wolves certainly would have helped this course to hang around. But if villas-boas does get the sack, it’s going to cost Roman Abramovich and Chelsea 20 million to get rid of the manager.

So who knows if goose heading, when it will end up at Chelsea. But also releasee the Russian outfit that assigned a toe and Roberto Carlos and thereafter everybody under the moon. You know they’re after him as well and it’s been reported that. If goose hidden goes to a Zi he would be the richest person in football supposedly something like five hundred thousand a week.

Football Transfer News

Manchester City has reported losses of around 195 million

Unbelievable but could happen now a bit of injury news Kieran Gibbs will be out for around a month. Tom Cleverley from interesting idea who came back from injury. Is now injured again and will be out to around Christmas. This isn’t good news for Man United fans, now over to the other side of Manchester where Manchester City has reported losses of around 195 million. It’s not surprising considering some of the players are earning over 200k.

The wages are way out of control the players that they’re bringing in there costing well above what should be paid for some of these players. But you know I’m sure the Sheik has a lot of money. Hopefully, the Financial Fair Play will have a look at some of these dealings going on at Manchester City. And we’ll see what happens there been news on the MLS, where the LA Galaxy has won the competition.

There they beat the Houston Dynamo one-nil. Thanks to a goal by Landon Donovan and it gets to send out David Beckham. He looks like he is going out on winning, notes so congratulations to the LA Galaxy on winning the MLS.

Nicklas Bendtner looks like going to Sunderland

Now better news on arson Venga. Now a few rumors have been going around that arson Venga could finish up at the end of this season. He might be looking to go back to France. May be managed PSG well Carlo Ancelotti has come in. And said that if Arsene Wenger does go, He would be more than happy to take over at Arsenal. So I don’t know I really actually, so I do know that I what to say to you guys, Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner looks like he’s going to make the permanent move to Sunderland.

And I’ve got two bits of news for you guys, that are actually quite sad. The first one is the Leeds United player will x Leeds united player and welsh manager Gary Speed who passed away at the age of 42. Then they don’t really know, why at the moment supposedly rumors were going around, that He might have taken his own life which is very sad 42 years of age. And Liverpool’s reserve goalkeeper Brad Jones there was sad news to hear that his five-year-old child died from leukemia.

So condolences to those to all the families thereof Gary Speed and Brad Jones. I’m sure the football world is you know praying for you guys and once again condolences to you guys. So that’s all the football news.

Now we’re going to go into this transfer news and we start off with your Ventus.

Who looks like they could raid Chelsea for Alex now Alex hasn’t been really been getting a run at Chelsea. So for around eight to ten million you Ventas could pick up Alex big news. Over around Madrid where they could be hunting for Jack Wilshere from Arsenal. Now they are interested in the player jack Wilshere quite young injured at the moment.

Football Transfer News

But rumba dreck interested in the Arsenal midfielder, now big news over and matches the city was after the loss to Napoli. All of a sudden manchester city wanna by Napoles big three. We’re talking about Marek Hamsik Lavezzi and Cavani. So I don’t understand where you’re Manchester City can fit these players in with the squad they’ve already got. But their interest in purchasing all three of those players. Plus they’re also keeping tabs on Roma’s Daniele de Rossi.

Football Transfer News. So I don’t get it I really don’t get it big news over at AC Milan where they’ve already started negotiations with Carlos Tevez.

Now it’s not known if he’ll go there on loan and then AC Milan will have the chance to buy him outright. Or AC Milan will just buy him outright at the beginning. But they supposedly in negotiations with Carlos Tevez in manchester city. And manchester city doesn’t want to budge on the price or so. So you know that’s the way it goes, I suppose now David Beckham as I said before, a pretty good chance is leaving their like galaxy.

And a looks like he will be going to PSG, for round four round two years. They’ve said 18 months but you know they’re probably including the rest of this season and probably next season. Could see David Beckham retire after that. So that’s all the transfer news hope you enjoyed the Football Transfer News.