7 Best Content Marketing Strategies You Should Apply

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Content Marketing Strategies

Gealena – Content Marketing Strategies. Bill Gates, used to sayContent is King, what does “Content is King” mean? And it seems that what Bill Gates said has a point too. Nowadays, with the presence of content in the business industry, the influence will make the business grow too.

For example, the website will be visited a lot, social media will be followed by many people, or get new customers and reach the right audience according to the field of business being carried out.

It’s just that after creating content, you have to implement Content Marketing Strategies to promote the content you create. The goal, of course, is for the published content to reach the right people.

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Content Marketing Strategies

Well, this time we will explain 7 Content Marketing Strategies that you must do to reach many people. Check out the explanation!

Use Email

The first Content Marketing Strategies is to use email. So, after you create content, whether it’s a blog post, ebook, podcast, video, or other content. Use email to promote it.

Send emails containing links to personalized content and only quality content to your target audience. Also, make sure that your target audience is people who really need the content that you create.

For example, content about blogs or websites, of course, will be sent to bloggers; or content about beauty, of course, will be sent to women.

Grouping Content

The next content marketing strategy is grouping content. On a website, categorizing content based on its content can be very easy to do.

The goal is to make it easier for readers who are interested in certain categories and want to read more. Not only that but content grouping can also be done through a post.

For example, content that discusses “How to Make a Website“, links to other content related to the website can be inserted. Like “How to Buy a Domain and Hosting”, “Must-Use Plugins”, and so on.

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Promotion via Email Newsletter

The third Content Marketing Strategies is to build promotions via email newsletters. It’s just that, promotion with this strategy must start with building an email list first.

To add a subscription or subscribe feature on your website. So that people who come and are interested in the content you have will register their email to subscribe.

That way every time you publish content, the content will be sent automatically via email to subscribers. This is what will make your content get a lot of views.

Transforms content

Currently, this content is not only enjoyed in written form. It can also be in other forms such as video or audio. Well, the next Content Marketing Strategies is to transform existing cash into new content.

For example, the article content is made into infographics or podcasts; video content can also be made into ebook content; etc.

That way, you will get a new audience according to your preferences for the type of content you create. You will get new followers if you publish infographic content on social media like Instagram.

You can also get new subscribers by publishing video content on Youtube.

In essence, in this content marketing strategy, you must introduce the brand on various media platforms to reach more audiences who are interested in the content you create.

Republish Content

Sometimes, a powerful way for a content marketing strategy is to republish content that you’ve published.

For example, after being published on a blog, also published on social media. So that people who are on your social media are interested and come to visit your blog content.

Or you can also change the publication date of content on the blog. Usually, people like to read things that have recently been released, so outdated content is hard to get attention to.

For this reason, by changing the publication date of the content, visitors will likely be interested in reading it. And the content will be in the top position on your blog feed.

Content Marketing Strategies

Content RoadShow

The next content marketing strategy is a content roadshow, which means spreading content to various media. In addition to getting traffic, this method can also be used to improve SEO performance on a blog.

So the way is to submit content placements on blogs or websites of other people who have influence. This content placement can be paid or it can be free which is commonly called a guest blog.

So after you submit an article or original content, the content will be published on the blog. That way, you will get an active link to your blog.

This will not only increase the search position of the blog on search engines but also reach new visitors from the blog where the content is published.

Contact the person/company named in the content

The last content marketing strategy is to contact the person or company you mention in the content you create.

Actually, this last strategy is very easy, but it can also be very impactful.

If the person or company responds, they could give or promote your content through the media or platform they use.

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Promote Content To Reach More Audiences

Currently, a lot of content is scattered on the Internet. However, only selected content will be seen, visited, or glanced at by many people.

So it takes a content marketing strategy so that published content can reach the right audience.

Without promotion and using the right strategy, published content has no chance of being seen by many people.

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