What Not To Say To Someone In Eating Disorder Recovery 2021

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What Not To Say To Someone In Eating Disorder Recovery. 30 million people in the u.s. Also, if you know that someone is in eating disorder recovery, don’t comment on their body.

what not to say to someone in eating disorder recovery
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Avoid compliments about someone’s body, focus on other things. Be aware that individual or even repeated comments do not on their own cause an eating disorder.

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By stating something like this. Comments on how healthy someone looks — you look so healthy! or you look unhealthy no one likes the look of skin and bones you don’t look like you have an eating disorder i hate how my legs look

What Not To Say To Someone In Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes from emaciated to obese.Eds are not about food, weight or shape a person with an ed genuinely hates themselves and doesn’t need someone adding to that eating disorders come in all shaped and sizes from emaciated to obeseEd’s are not about food, weight or shape, a person with an ed genuinely hates themselves and doesn’t need someone adding to that.Friendships and family can mean everything when going through an eating disorder.

From my personal experience, here are some things that you shouldn’t say to someone with an eating disorder (ed):Here are five things not to say when someone you love is experiencing an eating disorder, along with advice from experts on a better approach:Here are somethings that you shouldn’t say to someone with an eating disorder don’t tell someone they are too fat to have an ed how ignorant can you get?Here’s an idea to avoid saying the worst things when someone has an eating disorder.

How do you make sure you’re being supportive and not inadvertently exacerbating the problem?How ignorant can you get?I had an eating disorder growing up—these days, you’d say i’m “in recovery.” it feels important for me to start there;I have previously written about what not to say to someone who has an eating disorder.but in response, many of you asked what you should say to someone with an eating disorder, and rightfully so.

I know how it is.I love you / i care about you. nothing could top the words love and care.I wish i could have an eating disorder.Instead, focus on being more supportive going forward.

It can actually encourage that person to restart their diet.It can be a challenge to convince someone in recovery that they look good, so the smaller the compliment the more likely it is to be accepted.It’s my way of telling you:It’s not personal, so don’t take it personally.

I’m surprised you are eating that.Just stop bingeing and purging.Know what not to do.Learning how to speak around a friend who you know struggles or has struggled with an eating disorder or body image is a process.

Natalie grigson, anorexia and bulimia survivor, 2000 to 2013.Not to intentionally hurt you, but just because they have very limited knowledge on the subject.Pray and jesus will make it go away.Refrain from talking about food in terms of good and bad, listing calories, extreme workouts or contributing to / encouraging diet talk.

So here don’t take the comment in a way the eating disorder wants you to take it, but see the positive intention behind the message and respond to that instead.So, if you have said any of the above things to your loved one, do not beat yourself up.So, i’ve covered what not to say, but what should you say?Social stigma, fear of criticism or judgment, and rejection strongly contribute to those needing treatment not.

Some common phrases to avoid include:Someone in recovery might feel unstable and alone.Sometimes the best support you can offer someone is simply understanding the ways in which you could (inadvertently) harm a friend in recovery, and making an effort not to do those things.The gesture is kind so i always return my thanks, but i walk away feeling more self conscious.

These comments can be triggering for someone with an eating disorder and exacerbate their symptoms.To support our supporters, i put together a list of things not to say to someone recovering from an eating disorder:Unless you are a trained eating disorder specialist, don’t make any comments that you think will help the person recover.What not to say to someone with an eating disorder:

When in recovery, whether or not you actually want to recover, it is super unhealthy to be asked how you lost weight.Why don’t you just eat?Why is it taking you so long to recover?Will suffer from a diagnosable eating disorder during their lifetime, while many more cases go unreported.

Working in the field of addiction and eating disorders, as well as being in eating disorder recovery myself, i have experienced and witnessed first hand the lack of knowledge and understanding many people have about eating disorders.Yes, i know now that this comment is meant as a compliment, but it is a very complex trigger for a lot of those that struggle with an eating disorder.You look so much better.You might not always get it right, but remember to always be sensitive and compassionate and continually remind them that recovery is always possible.

Your weight is making people feel uncomfortable.“i thought only skinny girls get eating disorders.” eating disorders do not discriminate.“you look healthier!” this is meant to be a compliment that incentivizes weight restoration.

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