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Russia Begins Mass Coronavirus Vaccination with Sputnik V

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Russia Begins Mass Coronavirus Vaccination Sputnik V


Gealena — Russia Begins Coronavirus Sputnik V Vaccination. The Russian government started a mass COVID-19 vaccination program on Monday (19/1) local time in an effort to end the pandemic. Without re-applying lockdown (locking).

Launching from AFP, Tuesday (19/1/2021). Residents in the eastern city of Vladivostok have queued since Monday morning to receive a vaccine made in Russia, Sputnik V. The policy follows President Vladimir Putin’s orders to provide vaccines for 146 million people in the country.

“This is the only way to prevent a pandemic,” resident Valery Grishin told AFP while waiting in line for a vaccine at a city clinic.

Grishin said vaccines were the duty of every Russian so as “not to infect other people.”

Unlike most countries in Europe. Russia has avoided reimposing strict national lockdowns despite being hit by a second wave of infections. The country’s COVID-19 cases on Monday (18/1) reached more than 3.5 million cases or the fourth highest number in the world.

Russia Begins Mass Coronavirus Vaccination Sputnik V policy also aims to improve the economy in Russia. Russia hopes the pandemic can end with vaccinations rather than having to lockdown again.

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Earlier in August 2020. Russia registered the Sputnik V vaccine – named after a Soviet-era satellite – months before Western countries and before the start of large-scale clinical trials.

Russian officials then called the vaccine’s efficacy 90 percent more. And in early December 2020 began giving it to workers who had contact with large numbers of people. Including medical staff and teachers.

Moscow Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova said. 190,000 people have been vaccinated in the city of 12 million people. The Russian government provides vaccination centers in prominent places in the city.

However, the Russian government must overcome doubts about this Corona vaccine. According to a recent poll, only 38 percent of Russians plan to give it a try.

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