Leaked Facebook User Data 533 Data with Mobile Numbers

Leaked Facebook User Data
genesis3g, pixabay.com

Leaked Facebook User Data

California, Gealena.comLeaked Facebook User Data. A private database containing the full names, phone numbers, and e-mails of some 533 million Facebook users has reportedly been leaked online.

The social media giant Facebook downplayed the incident and claimed that all of the data was outdated.

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Large databases that were previously privately circulated have now been published on hacking forums for free, according to Business Insider, who first broke the news.

The data dumps affected people from 106 countries, including more than 32 million Americans, about 11 million British citizens, and 6 million Indians.

Leaked Facebook User Data
9sdworld, pixabay.com

Leaked Facebook User Data, which is from this database, displays sensitive information ranging from email and phone numbers to full names, Facebook IDs, and biographies. A number of people have verified the authenticity of some of the data by matching phone numbers with IDs registered there.

A cybersecurity expert, Alon Gal, believes that the real situation may not be as simple as what Facebook claims. The Chief Technology Officer at the cybercrime intelligence firm said that the Leaked Facebook User Data could easily be used by malicious actors to impersonate the real owner in various fraudulent schemes.

“Such a large database containing personal information such as the phone numbers of many Facebook users will inevitably cause criminals to use the data to commit fraud or attempted hacking,” said Gal.

This cybercrime was exposed when he first learned of the stolen data in January because someone on a hacking forum offered the phone numbers of hundreds of millions of Facebook users for a price.

According to Gal. Facebook should have notified affected users about this “old leak,” to raise their awareness of the potential dangers of fraud.

“Facebook should treat the data of people who have trusted data with Facebook with respect. Users whose personal information has been leaked is a grave breach of trust and should be handled accordingly.”

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Facebook business

The Facebook business, which collects huge amounts of personal data for targeted advertising, has been plagued repeatedly by similar leaks and hacks scandals.

In December 2018, Facebook was forced to apologize after a bug in their software gave third parties access to the photos of nearly 7 million Facebook users. The incident came just months after hackers accessed the data of 29 million Facebook users.

In May 2019, the Leaked Facebook User Data, a database containing details and records of more than 49 million people using Facebook’s Instagram, was leaked by an Indian marketing company, while in September 2019, some 419 million phone numbers linked to Facebook accounts were left exposed to server unprotected account.

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