USA Threatens China if it doesn’t Cooperate to Investigate the Origin of Covid-19

Origin of Covid-19
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Investigate the Origin of Covid-19

Gealena, WASHINGTON – Origin of Covid-19. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Beijing would face international isolation if it did not cooperate in investigating the origins of Covid-19 pandemic. Sullivan said this in an interview with Fox News television station.

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Origin of Covid-19
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“It’s diplomatic hard work, bringing together countries around the world, applying political and diplomatic pressure to China, it’s a core part of our efforts so that ultimately China faces a firm choice; do they, in a responsible way, allow investigators to do their job to find out where they are coming from? the origin of this virus or they will face the isolation of the international community,” Sullivan said as quoted by Sputniknews, Monday (21/6).

Earlier, US President Joe Biden announced he was giving US intelligence agencies 90 days to find out where the coronavirus came from. He promised to publish it if he didn’t reveal things he didn’t know.

Sullivan did not make it clear how Beijing prevented previous investigations from being transparent. A team of scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) has visited China. They don’t believe the coronavirus leaked from the lab and that it was more likely that it was transmitted to wildlife.

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Sullivan stressed that the United States did not rely on China in investigating the origin of Covid-19.

“The president deserves to know through our own analysis, from the efforts of our intelligence community that he has directed and through working with our allies and partners to continue the pressure on every front until we can clearly see how the virus came into the world,” he said.

In May, Biden announced that a lengthy US intelligence agency report on the origin of Covid-19 would be released to the public unless there was something he didn’t know. This came after he ordered intelligence agencies to prepare the results of an investigation into the matter within 90 days.

Most countries, including United States, are still experiencing a wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The origin of Covid-19 is still debated. Previously, claims emerged that the virus had leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the first city to detect the coronavirus. But these claims have been denied by China and experts from the WHO.

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