Google Acquires Smart Watch Manufacturer Fitbit for £ 1.5 billion

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Google Acquires Smart Watch Fitbit for £ 1.5 billion

Gealena — Google Acquires Smart Watch Fitbit. Has finalized a deal to make the acquisition of smartwatch maker Fitbit. The news about this acquisition has been circulating since November 2019.

Reporting from, Friday (15/1/2020), Google completes the Acquires Fitbit process with a dowry of £ 1.5 billion or around IDR 28.65 trillion.

Google Senior Vice President Rick Osterloh emphasized that his party will continue to protect the privacy of Fitbit user data. The reason is that many concerns about user data retrieval were raising after the discourse on Google’s acquisition of Fitbit emerged.

“This agreement was always about the device, not data. And we made it clear from the start that we would protect the privacy of Fitbit users,” said Rick Osterloh.

Google Acquires Smart Watch
Google Acquires Smart Watch

“We are working with global regulators on an approach that protects consumer privacy expectations. Including a series of binding commitments confirming Fitbit user, health, and wellness data will not use for Google advertising. And this data will be separate from other Google ad data,” continued Rick Osterloh.

Fitbit itself is one of the best-known products as a smartwatch device for fitness. Fitbit has sold more than 120 million devices in more than 100 countries since launching in 2007.

James Park, the co-founder, assures users that Fitbit will continue to get the same service. Even if it is officially part of the Google family going forward.

“We are pushing the limits of what is possible from watches. From counting steps, heart rate, sleep time, and tracking stress,” he said.

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