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Will Facebook be Takedown by Google Play?

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Facebook be Takedown by Google Play?

Gealena – Facebook be Takedown by Google Play?. Facebook gets one-star reviews from netizens simultaneously in almost all countries.

Facebook be Takedown by Google Play

As a form of protest against this social media giant regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In recent times, many people have criticized for judging the partisanship of this company towards Israel.

According to reports, many of the posts shared by users regarding Israeli atrocities were blocked by Facebook. This is considered unfair and limits the freedom of information and opinion of people around the world.

Earlier, a netizen said Facebook needed to be taught “lessons” on taking sides with Israel in its attacks on Al-Quds and Gaza. The total social media rating on the Play Store appears to have dropped to 4.5 (on 2021/05/20) and is expected to decrease drastically.

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Facebook be Takedown by Google Play
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Some users say that Facebook has recently become a mouthpiece for certain groups. In fact, one of them said that an application contaminated with politics of this kind is very dangerous because it can turn a blind eye to all the cruelty and oppression of Israel to the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Government’s media office in the Gaza Strip has also criticized several social media platforms besides Facebook, namely Twitter and Instagram for allegedly censoring Palestinian content during the escalation in Jerusalem. This move is described as proof of engagement with Israeli authorities and a double standard.

It will take up to 100,000 users on the Play Store at least to leave a one-star review on Facebook, which is believed to allow Google to “get rid of” this app.

Will Facebook be Takedown by Google Play? In accordance with the Google Play Terms of Service? Let’s wait and see

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