Biden Targets 100 Million Doses of Corona Vaccine in 100 Serving Days

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Biden Targets 100 Million Doses of Corona Vaccine


Washington DC — The President-elect of the United States (US), Joe Biden. It targeting 100 million doses of the Coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19) to be injected within the first 100 days of office. Top US medical expert, Anthony Fauci, Biden’s targets “completely” achievable.

“The likelihood of (Biden-ed) ‘s goal being realizes is completely clear. There is no doubt about that,” Fauci, who will be the chief presidential adviser on COVID-19, told the NBC program Meet the Press’. 1/2021).

“It can be done,” stressed Fauci, who has served as head of the US National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984.

US health authorities have successfully conducted trials and confirm the safety and efficacy of two Corona vaccines in a short period of time. But an ambitious attempt to immediately vaccinate millions of US citizens fail and drew widespread criticism.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), so far 31.1 million doses of the Corona vaccine have been distributed, but less than 40 percent or about 12.2 million doses have been injected. Early December last year. President Donald Trump’s administration targeting 20 million people to receive the first dose of the Corona vaccine by the end of that month.

Biden Targets 100 Million Doses of Corona Vaccine

“It will be a heavy burden, but we have the ability to do this,” he stressed.

Several states, including New York, have warned that it may deplete its vaccine supplies as early as next week in the absence of coordinated shipments from the federal government. This occurs when US states are trying to accelerate the rate of vaccination.

Ron Klain, a candidate for Chief of Staff of the White House. Said that to achieve the target of accelerating vaccinations, the Biden government could activate the Defense Production Act. Which allows the government to ask companies to produce goods deemed necessary in an emergency.

Biden himself previously said. He would deploy the National Guard and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help set up additional vaccination centers.

Rochelle Walensky, who Biden appoints to be the next CDC director. Also expresses confidence that Biden Targets 100 Million Doses of Corona Vaccine.

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