Cancel Donald Trump’s Policy, Joe Biden Reactivates USA Aid for Palestine

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Cancel Donald Trump’s Policy, Joe Biden Reactivates Aid for Palestine

Gealena — Biden Reactivates Palestine Aid. President of the United States (USA) Joe Biden again canceled the old policies in the era of Donald Trump. Previously, after being inaugurated, Joe Biden immediately canceled the entry ban for foreign nationals with a Muslim majority.

In addition, Joe Biden has also stopped the construction of the border wall with the Latin American countries that have direct borders. According to the United States (USA) envoy at the UN, Richard Mills, President Joe Biden instructed his ranks to immediately restore the credible involvement of the country with Palestine and Israel.

Richard Mills told the Security Council that a diplomatic push would improve relations with the Palestinian Authority. and the Palestinian people, adding that under former US President Donald Trump those relations had not developed.

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Mills announced that the Biden administration would reactivate US aid to Palestine. That has previously been suspended by Donald Trump. He also noted that the UN aid program for Palestine will be restored.

Biden Reactivates Palestine Aid

“This will include the restoration of humanitarian aid to Palestine that Trump suspended. And the reopening of the Palestinian representative in Washington which Trump closed in 2018,” Mills was quoted as saying by Anadolu Agency’s

“USA diplomatic engagement must be based on active negotiations with both parties. And final success requires active consent from both sides,” he said.

The statement officially confirmed the policy of the new USA government regarding the Israeli-Palestinian issue since Biden took office on January 20.

Mills emphasized that in the future the USA will press the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority. To avoid unilateral steps that make a two-state solution more difficult. Such as the annexation of areas, residential activities, demolition of buildings, and others.


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