7 Tips After Termination of Employment, To Stay Productive

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After Termination of Employment

Gealena – Termination of Employment. One of the major impacts caused by the coronavirus is the rampant layoffs (Termination of Employment) by various companies. Livelihoods that have been carried out for years must be wiped out because the company is no longer stable.

As a result, employees affected by Termination feel devastated, anxious, sad about tomorrow. Especially if the person at the Termination of Employment is the backbone of the family. Surely a variety of emotions will arise because of feelings of disappointment and hurt.

These feelings are perfectly natural, but they certainly don’t have to drag on with emotions and grief. Because that won’t solve the problem. You can grieve, but after that, you must be able to get back up and organize your future.

This time we will share tips on staying productive after being hit by Termination. Let’s take a look at this article to the end.

Termination of Employment

Tips After Termination of Employment

Take Time To Be Grieved And Complete Self-Examination

After the Termination of Employment, no one is not sad. Thoughts like “how can you get a new job fast?”, The sacrifices that have been made for the company, and various pessimistic feelings come to mind simultaneously.

All of that may come to mind a few days or weeks after Termination. Because thoughts like that are natural. Please take time to reflect, regret, and get angry. But remember that you have to stay productive after being hit by the Termination of Employment.

You may have to try again to figure out how to get back to work, but focus on yourself first. Be sure to check your physical, mental, and emotional state as well. So that they can do other jobs well too.

This Termination of Employment indirectly attacks mental health, because no one wants to be rejected. In Termination, it’s not just the job that is lost, but the feeling that will be rejected and not the person who is the best.

Mental health is the most important thing that must be maintained. Take a break and do things that relax you. For example, visiting tourist places that you would love to visit.

Or if you usually have to work from morning to night, and do not have time with the children. Spend time with them doing fun things. A healthy mind will make you excited again.

Or if you have forgotten to ask your partner for a date at the age of your marriage that is no longer young, try asking your partner on a date in a romantic place that calms the mind.

Because the people closest to us can be the most important supporters when down. And they will usually provide moral support so you can come back smiling and excited.

So, just a few days or weeks of frustration and anger. Then you should be able to step back in the belief that the other future is sure to be brighter.

Termination of Employment


Evaluate Yourself and Find Strengths

After several days of venting sadness and anger, now is the time to spend some time on self-evaluation. This is important, to step back into a new, brighter day.

Try to think about what caused you to be in the Termination of Employment, is it due to external factors such as the sluggish economy of the company due to corona? Or internal factors from yourself, such as less satisfactory work contributions?

Take the evaluation seriously and honestly. Note in the workbook so that it can be material for introspection for the next career. Also ask yourself, what should be done to be better in the next career.

Don’t forget to also write down the strengths you have by determining the presence of these abilities. For example, communication skills are only 50 percent new, so you have to raise these skills back to good.

Or for example, skills in the IT field are more than 90 percent, so you have to maintain these skills and focus on the next work on the skills mastered. So, later they won’t regret it again because they can’t channel their skills.

Because usually, after work, there are many employees whose skills are not used because they are doing other jobs. And doing work that is not the skill, which results in a decrease in the employee’s performance.

Next, make a list of new things you want to achieve in your next job. You can write down such as roles and tasks that you want to do next, specific companies or sectors that you want to be involved in. And the ideal salary range for experienced people like you.

Make sure to take this step seriously, because this is what will determine your future career.

Take Webinars and Online Courses

Even though you are still in the job search stage, it is very important to hone skills that are not yet fully mastered. In the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are lots of webinars with interesting themes and cool speakers.

Look for webinars that match the skills you want to master or improve. So that these skills can be a plus when writing a CV or even during a job interview at a new company.

Losing a job in difficult times like this really discourages many people. But for you, make the grace period from Termination of Employment to return to work by taking care of yourself and managing finances.

This can be a great place to start your career again. Focus on aspects that can help you become a more positive person. One of them is by adding or increasing the skills they have.

Read or Watch Inspirational Stories

The successful people around us are not those who have never faced failure. They are the ones who encounter failure many times and rise again.

So, it would be nice for you to start trying to see the life stories of successful people. Regenerate enthusiasm by reading or watching inspiring stories. Because it must be remembered that you must remain productive after being hit by the Termination of Employment.

Take the time in the morning or evening to read inspirational articles from successful figures, such as Jack Ma, Marck Zuckerberg, or others. Reading their stories or watching them on Youtube will be enlightening.

Besides, you will get the motivation to come back from adversity. Because they are people who have failed. Great people like them, have great struggles that can be emulated in their own way.

So, there is no need to be discouraged when exposed to the Termination of Employment, make it a turning point for the awakening. Keep trying and keep doing your best and still believe that success can be yours.

Start Over from the Beginning by Actively Seeking Work

It’s not easy to start something after falling or failing, but the thing to remember is to stay productive after being hit by the Termination of Employment and don’t drag on it.

So after doing the steps above, it’s best to start over.

Re-write job applications and send as many CVs as possible to companies that are opening job vacancies. Coming back to competing with fresh graduates, excited as someone who is looking for a job for the first time.

Cultivate positive thoughts when applying for jobs that you can definitely go back to work. Previous company experiences should be a plus point for you to get a new job.

To get vacancies you can search on JobVacancy or ask friends at your old job. Of course, with work experience, you can get a lot of lucrative friendship connections.

This will make it easier to find new jobs that match your skills. Also, the chances of being accepted into a new job will be greater. Because they know the performance and professionalism you have.

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Termination of Employment

Try Freelance Jobs

Before getting a new job, try to find counter jobs that can help increase your income. Look for freelance jobs that match your abilities. Freelancing can be done at home and is more flexible.

Finding freelance work can be done at freelance.com or upwork.com. There you can find a variety of jobs that match your skills. The pay is quite fantastic, especially if you can do the job perfectly.

If you get a job, do better when you get a job at a new company. So that there will be no more regrets because you have been at the Termination of Employment. And it must be remembered that the Termination of Employment is a stepping stone to become a better person.

Making Business

After the Termination of Employment, of course, you have to get new income to replace the lost income. If it turns out that the job call is still not there, try to seriously pursue a business so that you can survive.

Even though the effort made is a temporary substitute for income before getting a job, be sure to get serious about it. Effort can be made from things that are you or are close to you.

For example, if your house happens to be near a fabric store, try selling fabrics online. Or make the cloth into ready-to-wear clothes and sell it online or door to door to neighbors.

Or if you have a hobby that you can sell, try to get serious about it. For example, a hobby of making handicrafts such as macramé. Make macrame beautifully, so it can be used for birthday or wedding souvenirs.

Online business in the pandemic era can actually provide a lucrative income. Especially if done seriously. Other businesses that can be sold during a pandemic like this are food.

Food is becoming a very popular online seller because many people are reluctant to leave the house to avoid crowds. So the best solution to still be able to eat well at home is to order food online.

Or it could be a livestock business such as raising fish. Fish farming can also be profitable if you can manage it well. The capital needed to raise fish are ponds, fish seeds, and fertilizer.

Within a few months, the fish can be harvested and can make money. Caring for fish is also not difficult. You just have to feed him every day.

To manage a business, of course, you must have capital. For business capital, just spend 30% of the finances first. If the business is going well, you can raise capital and roll out profits as capital.

Those are the tips for staying productive after being hit by the Termination of Employment. Make sure to bounce back even though you are hit by the Termination of Employment because not successful people will always find failure. And rising from failure is the first step to success.

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