Develop a Startup Application Business? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

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Develop a Startup Application Business

Startup Application development startups are currently becoming a trend in the digital industry. With large potential benefits plus the opportunity to be able to reach a wider market, it is a special attraction for digital industry business activists to enter this field. However, it is unfortunate, if we trust too many things that actually do not really affect the development of our Startup Application.

One of the things that many startup application developers think about is that success will only be had if the application they develop is able to go viral. Even though the reality is not like that, there are many factors that play a role until a Startup Application gets the user’s attention and finally gets success.

What is unique is that there are 3 myths among Startup Application developers not only in Indonesia but around the world. Which in fact actually guided these developers to the brink of collapse. If you are indeed developing an application or want to be involved in this field, it is imperative to listen to information about the 3 myths of mobile application development below.

Startup Application Business

Every detail must be original

Many people think of achieving success in making an application. The most appropriate step is to provide something that is completely original and does not exist in the market. Even though this is a thought that is motivational so that we are able to give birth to new innovations, in reality, it is not always like that. Especially if our goal is to seek profit, then that thought is a big mistake.

Because basically, we can learn what kind of application that is needed by consumers from the previously popular startup applications. We just need to make modifications without losing the importance of the purpose or function of these popular applications. From there we can carry out a strategy of observing, imitating and modifying, and injecting new features or functions that are believed to be able to answer consumer needs.

Must Get Large Funding

Lots of Startup Application developers used to develop their business through private funds, aka bootstrapping, and now they are able to record enormous income. Do they always get large amounts of funding at the start of application development? The answer is not always, because there are also many popular application developers who avoid investing because they think that if the application is booming, they will have to share profits with investors.

Not to mention the problem of control through the existence of various regulations set by investors, sometimes it becomes a “restrain” for application developers to prioritize idealism in creating applications.

Therefore, many successful Startup Application developers have advised them to be smarter in financial management than having to raise funds at the beginning of a startup. The strategy is quite simple, if we start to get enough profit, we can share it for development or other marketing strategies.

Requires Advertising Support

It is possible that if we do an advertising strategy at the beginning of startup development, it will be able to boost the popularity of our application in the eyes of consumers. But if someone says that every Application Startup is obliged to do large-scale advertising, of course, that is a myth!

Maybe colleagues have seen an application promoted through various digital advertising media massively. Will this kind of application work right away? Of course not, because if we fail to provide the next follow-up properly after consumers download the application, then we will actually get failure even after spending a large amount of money.

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Startup Application Business

Then what do we need? In the mobile application startup marketing effort, the most important thing is how to build a marketing campaign in stages. Make introductions gradually and make sure our applications are really needed by consumers.

Combine these marketing efforts with other supporting media, such as through online and offline forums. Because currently, in reality, digital applications must be able to solve problems that exist in the real world. If we don’t introduce directly what are the benefits of our application, of course, it will also be in vain right?


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