What are SEO services? 8+ Best SEO Services You Should Know

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What are SEO services? 8+ Best SEO Services

More than 55% of businesspeople have used SEO services since 2019. However, before knowing why you need to use SEO services, you must know where your buyers are looking for information when they are in cyberspace.

By knowing where your target market is looking for information, and knowing the algorithm of a search engine, you can build a good SEO strategy, and start generating sales or leads from SEO optimization.

Looking for the best SEO services? The best SEO services will have a positive impact on your website in the eyes of search engines, SEO services will optimize the On-Page and Off-page of your website so that it has the best position in search engines.

Looking for the best SEO services
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The Effect of SEO Services on SERPs (Search engine ranking pages)

Number of Search Engine Users

When internet users enter cyberspace, what they generally do is look for a new company, service, or even a product that they want to buy. Research from webfx.com noted that around 93% of online activities started from search engines such as Google, Baidu, or Bing. Search engines are the most important thing for internet users because generally, internet users do not know the specific type, or name of a product, company, or even service they want to find.

Therefore, search engines are the starting point for all internet users when they want to search for something online.

Then, how do they know your business if your business cannot be found in some of the search engine results? The answer is very easy, your target market will never know the product you offer.

The worst-case scenario is that search engines will provide recommendations for your company’s competitors’ products who are already using SEO services, even when you currently have a product that is better quality than your competitors.

Search Engine User Options

The search engine that is a favorite of internet users when online is Google. More than 70% of internet users use this search engine to help them find information in cyberspace. Bing claims that about 4.5% of users search for information on their search engine, and Yahoo! is in the last position which only gets 2.5% of users.

This causes many SEO services companies to target the growth of their websites, and continue to improve their marketing strategies in the Google search engine.

But for an international market like China, you have to change the search engine placement for your business. China generally uses a search engine called Baidu. Baidu is the main search engine in China and has gained nearly 15% of the search engine market share which is the second-highest-ranking after Google.

Ranking System on Google

If your company focuses on the Google search engine in the SEO strategy plan, we recommend that you use professional SEO services, there are several things you should know about how Google implements a ranking system on its search engines.

Google generally uses more than 200 factors to rank a website, some of these factors are domain age, website usability, website page speed, errors in spelling or grammar, and frequency of publication.

With professional SEO services, they can help you to improve the quality of your website by ensuring your website meets the factors that are used as standards for Google to rank the website.


Looking for the best SEO services
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Understanding SEO Services

SEO services are services generally offered by companies that aim to help your online business become better known by optimizing your website to appear on Google’s main page.

With the SEO provided by SEO services, you can increase your business level to become a business that is more easily searchable, and can be found on the search engines Google, Bing, or Yahoo !.


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Looking for the best SEO services? 8 Types of Services Offered by SEO Services Providers

There are several types of services offered by SEO service providers to help manage your website, are:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an analysis of the technical factors of a website that will affect your website ranking later. Technically, several factors will have an impact on the growth of a website’s SEO, such as the level of coding efficiency that is made, this will have an impact on website speed and website response to users using cell phones, and SSL / HTTPS. Technical SEO is usually used when your website has just been created.

Coding efficiency is one of the most important factors for SEO growth. Inefficient coding will make the loading time of a website very slow and will weaken the code-to-text (on-page-content). When you are going to increase on-page content, the optimization process will be better accepted by Google when coding a website is shortened. Google will better understand the semantic meaning of a website that has less code. This will make your website ranking increase.

Slow website speed will make potential visitors prefer to visit your competitors’ websites and increase traffic soon. That’s why Google will increase the ranking of websites that have loading times less than 2.5 seconds.

Urgent! For your website to be faster in terms of response, you must use a hosting that supports website speed, DomaiNesia has a superior feature, namely the WordPress accelerator.

This feature is very useful for your WordPress-based website, with the WordPress accelerator feature, your website will be 3x faster than your competitors.

Plus, a website that is responsive, and can be reached from various devices, will improve the SEO of your website on Google through the help of SEO services providers. Internet users, and Google, of course, will prefer a secure website, and already use HTTPS in their website address.

Not only that, they usually work on technical SEO services to find keywords that are mostly searched for by Google users, with many targeted keywords, so your potential customers will find your website with the most searched keywords on search engines.

On-Page SEO

Optimizing the appearance of your website pages will greatly affect SEO growth. In this case, you must pay attention to the website title and meta description, header, and content on your page. All of that is already in the results offered by the SEO services company.

Off-Page SEO

A method used by SEO services providers to increase the growth of website SEO outside of your website pages. Off-page generally uses social media and backlinks. Backlinks are reference links used by the domain of a website so that it will make it easier for users to find the website.

Organic SEO

In this case, SEO growth can be maximized in the main “organic” areas of the search engines. Organic SEO is a classic method used to increase SEO growth that starts when internet users enter keywords when searching for information on search engines. The technique is carried out by the website owner by distributing it to several social media. The success of the technique depends on the website content written by the SEO services provider.

Local SEO

Increase SEO growth by maximizing the area around search engines. A business will depend on the area around it / local. By utilizing the map feature on Google which will generally display the 3 businesses that have the highest ranking on the Google map page according to your business location.

Restaurants, supermarkets, home improvement service providers, to workshops are some of the businesses that have taken advantage of local SEO and this technique has often been used by SEO services providers as well.

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Looking for the best SEO services
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Sound SEO

SEO services providers can increase the SEO growth of a website by using voice when searching for information on search engines. Voice Search Optimization is the newest form of SEO. Generally, users will use the voice feature instead of typing when looking for information on a search engine. This is evidenced by research which states that the use of voice in search engines has reached more than 50% of all types of online searches this year. Voice search optimization priorities include websites that have loading speeds under 4 seconds, have SSL encryption, and can define a question or answer clearly in under 30 words.

Reputation Management

As a professional SEO services provider, an agency must provide reputation management online. This is because most internet users will take advantage of online reviews that will help them decide to buy a product. One of the most popular online reviews comes from Amazon. A review of a product from a potential customer will be very useful in this regard.

Not only will it be beneficial for online buyers but also for people who want to use the services offered by the SEO services company. On the other hand, reviews can bring down your company or business if the review is a form of disappointment or even protest against your product. Therefore, you as an online business owner must be able to maintain good reviews. Reputation management will provide services to promote positive reviews for your online business needs.

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Search Engine Marketing

The services offered by this SEO services provider will help you so that your website can be found as a whole easily. There is a strong correlation between the number of impressions the company receives, and the business acquisition process. This is because many internet users already know and understand several brands on websites on the internet, which can increase consumer activity and engagement on the website. Search marketing helps websites to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and conversion rates.

After you read this article, you can decide how to Looking for the best SEO services?


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