Intrigued by the Size of Your P? This is the Deciding Factor!

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Size of Your P

Modern lifestyle

Size of Your P – The lifestyle of modern society at this time often creates trends in the wider community. The use of pants, for example, the types of pants with a tight shape are more in demand by many people.

But who would have thought that the use of such tights would actually affect the development of the penis size or male genitals? Avoid using underpants that are too tight, because this will affect blood circulation around the penis.

A good blood flow will fill the penis when erect. If there is a blockage, the penis size will not be optimal. In addition, smoking can also damage the blood vessels around the penis so that it blocks blood circulation. In addition, cigarettes also damage elastin which plays an important role during an erection.

Written warnings that explain the prohibition on the use of tight pants you might never meet at this time, but such warnings are basically justified.

Meanwhile, recommendations for limitations in using tights are also one thing that is quite reasonable because such recommendations will help optimize the development of genitals or penis.

Size of Your P


The genetic factor cannot be modified or changed. Please note that this genetic factor comes from both parties, namely father and mother, or a mixture of both. But this cannot guarantee this, because many other factors affect the size of the penis itself.

Ethnic or Race

Penis size varies according to ethnicity. Research conducted shows the shortest penis male population in East and Southeast Asia, while the longest found in South America such as Venezuela and Colombia and African countries such as Sudan.

The hormone responsible for determining the Size of Your “P”

The hormone is responsible for determining penis size testosterone. Erection occurs when the blood vessels around the penis are filled with blood. Testosterone believed to increase blood volume so that the size of the penis can temporarily increase during erection due to the large volume of blood that fills the blood vessels around the penis.

Stamina enhancing supplements

Some supplements are believed to be effective increasing size by increasing blood flow to the penis and hormones production of testosterone. Omega-3 One example of a supplement believed to be able to increase penis size. But you must be careful in choosing supplements because many are harmful to health.

Food factor

So far you know better than rice is a type of staple food for Asians, especially in Southeast Asia. When a child is still in its infancy, overall they need food that has a lot of protein content.

Of the majority of children in Asian countries, in general, a child’s food needs are more supplied by foods that contain lots of carbohydrates, herein lies the mistakes of Asians in raising their children so that there are differences in growth between Asian and European children.

In Asian countries the need for rice highly prioritized by the people. Rice itself is one type of food that has a lot of high carbohydrate content.

The pattern of consumption of unbalanced foods can basically inhibit the absorption of zinc in the body.

Meanwhile, due to zinc absorption that occurs, in the end, the genitals or penis will find the impact of the lack of intensive development. That development that should occur optimally will be hampered due to the content contained in rice which consumed frequently every day.

Size of Your P

“Size of Your “P” does not affect satisfaction with sex”

Consumption of nutritious foods believed to widen blood vessels, which can increase the Size of Your “P”. Examples of foods that can widen blood vessels are broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, salmon, eggs, milk, tuna, and liver. In addition, foods containing vitamin E, zinc, and selenium are believed to be able to improve male reproductive health. Fiber-rich foods are also important for reducing fat deposits that block blood vessels in the penis area.
Having the size of perfect genitals a hope for many men. The existence of high self-esteem with a balanced vital tool that is perfect will guarantee the perfection of happiness you can partner.

In addition to the above factors. Turns out there are also other factors that make penis size decrease, one of which the age factor. Older, the size of your penis reduced because the skin shrinking and the blood supply reduced to the penis.