The 4 Best Instagram Marketing Tools for the Culinary Business

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Instagram Marketing Tools for the Culinary Business

Gealena – Instagram Marketing Tools. What are some effective Instagram marketing tools to use for a culinary business? Come on, see the discussion in this article.

Instagram has become a very powerful business tool. Especially in the culinary world. According to the Martech Series, there are more than 327 million posts that have the hashtag #food on Instagram.

According to The Independent website, millennials themselves spend an average of five days each year browsing about food on this platform. And 30% of users won’t visit a restaurant that looks bad on Instagram.

This means that Instagram has become a valuable asset for the food business.

So, in order to increase the performance of your business, of course, you want your product to look more attractive. It is very necessary to use special Instagram marketing tools, as we summarize below.

Instagram marketing tools

BeFunky Photo Editor

You can maintain brand continuity by editing photos or images that will be posted on Instagram using BeFunky.

All businesses want to post quality photos, such as; locations, hashtags, captions, and so on. However, the business owner or social media manager must be consistent with other themes and aspects.

They must be consistent with all post themes that match their brand. There are tons of apps that focus on editing images and graphics.

BeFunky is an online Instagram marketing tools application that can be used to edit images. This is a photo editing tool with various features such as crop, resize, soften, tilt sharpen, etc.

Instagram marketing tools
Later App

Schedule Posts Using the Later Application

The most important thing that must be done in order for your account to grow properly is to post content regularly.

While this can be done manually, it would be best to invest some effort and time using a scheduler application.

The Later application is a suitable application to help you schedule posts at the optimal time, even auto-publish.
via The Later App

Not only that, but this application also provides a valuable source in the world of Instagram marketing. Lots of tips that can be useful for building a marketing strategy.

Create Content With Canva

You can use the Canva application as an Instagram marketing tools, which can also be used by the web version to help create quality posts.

Remember, Instagram users love beautiful, high-resolution, consistently posted pictures!

A study conducted by Curalate tested 8 million images on Instagram to find out which components got the most likes and comments.

Curalate found as many as 24% of users prefer clear images. Not only that, the background space and dominant colors also get more likes.

If you combine these elements, it can increase the growth of your Instagram account.

This is why business owners often create content that fits their brand. The key is to maintain aesthetics, and style with a profile.

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Reposting with Regrann

According to IPSOS (Independent Polling System Of Society), a global research company, said 50% of Instagram users prefer user-generated content, and 86% of millennials say a brand is said to be quality through User Generate Content (UGC).

By reposting, business means building connections with consumers and appreciating what the community has to offer.

Regrann is an Android application that can be used for Instagram marketing tools to repost Instagram posts. There are several modes to choose from, among others; Quick Save Mode, StandbyMode, Selection Pop-up Mode, Quick Post-Later Mode, and Quick Repost Mode.

In addition to the Instagram marketing tools above, make sure you also start paying attention to Analytics on your Instagram account to find out the habits and behavior of business account profile followers and visitors.

Paying attention to engagement, and various changes will help you figure out what your prospect needs.

Also, make sure you create content consistently and keep trying to engage your followers.

Hopefully, the above information helps your business marketing campaign on Instagram.

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