15 Best Ways to Increase Office Employee Confidence

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Increase Office Employee Confidence

Gealena – Increase Office Employee Confidence. Employees are the most important asset in a company. Without them, of course, the company will not run well. However, not all employees have the same characteristics and abilities. There are employees who do have good skills and abilities and on the other hand, they usually experience a lack of self-confidence.

If this is ignored, it will have an impact on the progress and success of the company. That’s why every company leader has an obligation to help and motivate employees to remain or have a sense of self-confidence.

Then, how do you increase the employee’s confidence? Let’s see the review below!

Employee Confidence

Best Ways to Increase Office Employee Confidence

Build Employee Confidence from a Mistake

Everyone must have experienced an error. From these mistakes, there are those who have indeed learned to improve those who feel guilty so that the employees’ sense of self-confidence decreases. If you find an employee who easily shakes his confidence because of a mistake, then your job as a leader is to build a sense of employee confidence from the mistakes he made.

Remind your employees that mistakes are not the end of everything but the process to success. Tell the points of error he has done and provide solutions by exemplifying and telling the right and right way to do something.

Give Assignments To Employees According To Competence

One factor in the absence of employee confidence in them is that the tasks they are assigned or carry out are not in accordance with their competence or have never had experience in their field. Therefore, as a good leader, you must first know the competencies of your employees through tests or personal interactions.

After that, give assignments that are in accordance with their abilities so that the employee’s sense of confidence increases. When it is comfortable and your confidence has grown back, you can also give other tasks gradually with increasing levels of difficulty.

Provide Training to Employees

Currently, there are many trainers who help a company to provide training to its employees. The forms of training also vary from those related to the field of work to personal matters related to increasing employee confidence.

Therefore, if you see that employees in your company have less self-confidence, you can participate in training in accordance with what they need, namely increasing employee confidence.

In implementing the training, it is not enough to do it once. There must be further training tailored to his abilities. But that does not mean this training is carried out simultaneously. Highly recommended periodically and done when absolutely necessary.

Prepare the Best Mentors for Your Employees

In addition to providing training facilities for your employees, also prepare the best mentor who can assist your employees. The function of the mentor here is to provide direction, mentoring, and monitor the performance of your employees from time to time. The mentor can also be an employee who has more self-confidence or an outsider whom you have trusted.

You can also propose opportunities for your employees to choose a mentor that is suitable or comfortable for them. By providing this opportunity, your employees have also taken one step in experiencing a change in achieving employee confidence, because they are given the opportunity to partner with people they trust.

Give Employees Responsibilities that Have Value

Every employee who is placed in any part of the course must be responsible for completing their obligations. Sometimes, many leaders only appreciate a field or division that does have a highly challenging job that involves outsiders.

Even though other divisions also greatly influence the progress and success of the company. Because of this, a lot of employee confidence decreases. Therefore, leaders can change the pattern by providing value or appreciation in any field.

For example, a customer service, of course, only works as a telephone picker or serving guests. You as a leader can take the opportunity to give him the honor of being a company ambassador. With the title he bears, you can give him the freedom to take guests around the office if needed.

Help Your Employees to Find Their Potential

Not all employees know the great potential they have. Usually, this happens because of internal or external factors that they experience so they don’t know anymore to develop their potential. If this happens, of course, it will affect employee confidence so that even doing work will not be complete and hampered.

Therefore, you can help find the great potential it has in several ways, one of which is the psychotic test. If this has been done, you can try to challenge a different task than usual. However, it must be remembered that the assignment of these tasks must be monitored and given motivation so that employees do not easily down.

Give Trust to Employees in completing their Tasks

Try to give your employees the confidence to complete the task according to their ability. In this way, your employees will feel valued and their existence is needed to become a part of advancing the company.

However, trust is not to be released without supervision. You can also keep an eye on and see the progress of the mentors you have chosen to assist your employees. Whatever results he does, give the slightest appreciation, which of course will have an impact on increasing employee confidence.

Establish Good Relationships with Employees

It could be that one of the things that cause your employees to feel insecure is because they are “afraid” or reluctant to see their boss. So that it has an impact on what he does because there are negative feelings that haunt him. In order not to become a prolonged prejudice, one way to solve it is to build good relationships with your employees.

Establishing this good relationship can be started by appreciating him personally, especially appreciating what he has done. Occasionally you can also ask other questions that are still within the boundaries of professionalism. If this is done, your frame as a “fierce” leader will be broken. And the big impact is that your employees will feel valued and foster a sense of employee confidence.

Involve Your Employees in Every Office Activity

In every office, there are always annual activities that are often held. These activities usually take the form of birthday celebrations, employee holidays or comparative studies, or employee sports week.

In the activities mentioned above is the right momentum for your employees who are less confident. Because once you know the great potential it has, you can also involve your employees to contribute to the event.

For example, your employees are good at singing, these talents can be channeled into a birthday event where your employees contribute songs. Or your employees are good at playing basketball, you can involve them to join the company’s basketball team.

If this is done, of course, it can increase the sense of employee confidence. That is why the role of a leader is very necessary for establishing good relationships with employees.

Give Appreciation to Employees for the Results They Get

Giving appreciation to your employees is very important to increase employee confidence. This is especially true for employees who have problems with self-confidence. Small appreciations that should be done are like saying “thank you for the work on time”, “congratulations on successfully exceeding the target this month”, or a form of rewarding by getting dinner vouchers with family, reward getting free credit for one month, and so forth.

The example above may seem small and easy to do. Unfortunately, being too small is rarely done and practiced. Even though if it is carried out continuously, it will have an impact on employee confidence.

Once again, if an employee has the confidence and comfort in carrying out his duties, then any direction or task given by the leader will be carried out wholeheartedly with maximum confidence.

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Avoid Unnecessary Words and Attitudes

If you have done and practiced the best way to increase employee confidence in the office, try to avoid the following words and attitudes to your employees.

Spitting Mistakes of Employees to Others

Every employee certainly wants to be appreciated and work well. If he makes a mistake, he will certainly feel bad about the company that has trusted him. In this case, a leader must try not to indulge his mistakes to other employees.

If this is done, employee confidence will decrease drastically. If you want to improve and advise it, it should be done personally or through a mentor he appointed.

Said harshly because of the mistakes he made

Someone who is stricken with emotions, of course, will forget everything he did and what he said. Therefore, even as a leader, when you are hit by emotions when you see your employees’ unsuitable work, avoid uncontrolled harsh words.

These words will result in employees feeling hurt and possibly taking inappropriate actions in the future. And the most fatal thing is that the harsh words that come out will have an impact on employee confidence.

Cursing Without Solutions

Also, avoid cursing at your employees without a solution to get the job done. Always remember, that employees do not always have the same abilities.

So that every leader must be able to know their respective competencies. When employees make mistakes they have actually tried and it remains you lead to a better direction. That way, no employee is lacking in self-confidence.

Not Given a Second Chance

Humans who are successful, of course, have failed dozens or even hundreds of times. Of course, from the failures they have faced, they find success because there is an opportunity for them to try again.

So, if this happens to your employees, you should give it a second chance to fix it. If there is no chance they will feel guilty and continue to be supported in low self-esteem.

Employees are true helpers of your company to develop for the better. Without them, your company may not progress to the way it is today. Be a leader who can work with anyone even if it is your employee who incidentally is your subordinate.

As a leader, you need the patience to guide and make your employees the best. Self-confidence is the main asset for anyone to step. Without that, they will also be supported in a vortex of helplessness where their potential should be optimally carried out.

This is the information about the 15 best ways to increase employee confidence in the office. Hopefully, this is useful and has a positive impact on you.

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