10 Important Criteria for Finding the Right Job

Finding the Right Job

Important Criteria for Finding the Right Job

GealenaFinding the Right Job. Finding a job is not an easy thing for most people to do. In addition, the number of students or students graduating from school or university is more than the number of job vacancies provided.

As a result, many unemployed people who have a bachelor’s degree or others prefer jobs that are in high demand even though they are not in accordance with the major they took during their education. This is what makes the quality of work less than optimal.

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Finding the Right Job


However, did you know that finding the right job must use careful judgment?

That is,

In choosing a job, it should not be done carelessly. Why is that? Because later, a job that you choose in the present will determine happiness and health in the future.

Please believe it or not … but that’s what most people experience …

Work that is not in accordance with your heart will certainly be a burden for you. Plus, you have to be able to survive in this condition for several years or even decide to resign from work, even though Finding the Right Job now is not an easy thing to do.

Please note bro and sis ,, “interest will not lie to happiness”

If the job you choose matches your heart and your interests, surely this will increase your happiness level and body health in the future.

Finding the Right Job that fits does not only come from the value of the salary that is given. If you choose a job with a large salary but it has big consequences, especially if it is not according to your interests, this will make you feel uncomfortable about doing the job.

Therefore, Finding the Right Job should not be done carelessly, as this will leave you stuck in an uncomfortable zone for years. There are several criteria for choosing a job that you should know.

10 Important Criteria for Finding the Right Job

These various criteria certainly consist of various aspects that you must really pay attention to.

What you have to remember is, don’t be easy to be tempted by a high salary but it turns out that the job makes you feel uncomfortable, for example having to separate from your family, have high working hours, have high risks and so on.

There is an interesting survey conducted by a university, that it turns out that 62% of employees in the United States have trouble sleeping and they have delayed jobs.

So, to help you find the right job and match your interests, here are 10 criteria for choosing the right job in terms of various criteria that you must know.

Finding the Right Job

Interests and abilities

The first criterion in Finding the Right Job, what you should know is to find a job based on your interests and abilities. To choose a job, having the ability in that field is indeed the most important criterion in order to support quality later.

Not only that, interest also plays a very important role in choosing a job. It will be quite a hassle and a burden for you if you choose a job that is not according to your interests or abilities. Not only do you have psychological problems, but this also affects the quality of your work.

Actually, there are various kinds of methods that you can use to find out what jobs are suitable based on your interests and abilities. One method that you can use is to use a variety of tests to determine your interest and ability to find jobs online.

To ascertain whether the job is in accordance with your interests, you should ask about the job description at the time of your job interview.

The atmosphere at work

Criteria for Finding the Right Job The second and you must know is the work atmosphere in which you work. A pleasant atmosphere surrounded by friendly colleagues and a comfortable place determines your comfort at work.

Communication at work is well established, this is one of the keys to determining your comfort at work.

This will certainly be inversely proportional if you are in an uncomfortable workplace and make you feel under pressure every day.

Therefore, before finding the right job, it would be best to consider the various conditions and conditions in the workplace so that one day it doesn’t cause problems for you and your work.

The salary earned

Most people will probably be complacent about the criteria for Finding the Right Job this one job. How come? Some people will definitely choose a job with a high salary but do not consider the risks that will be received later. As a result, many people have opted out of these jobs or have felt regret over the years.

However, for most people, this does not seem to be a big problem if they are charged with the economic situation they are facing. Therefore, it is very important for you to consider the salary you will receive and the various consequences that you will receive.

Look for a job with a salary that matches your abilities and needs that must be met and personal satisfaction that must be met. Make sure you have the qualifications needed by the company, then the company will give you the rights according to your abilities.

Don’t be too nosy during a job interview, especially during a salary negotiation session. In a sense, that don’t sell yourself too much during a job interview.

Job stability

Knowing the stability of work is very important to do. Does the work you do have prospects and continuity?

This is called stability.

There are several business sectors that could double or triple in the next few years. However, this does not mean that all existing business sectors can last a very long time.

We take an example when Nokia collapsed, most of its employees were laid off. Indeed, no one can guarantee whether a job can last long or not, but we can minimize and predict.

Studying the labor market is a must in order to survive in the job you choose. One of the things you should know is that you must be able to find a job that suits the needs of society from time to time or for a long period of time.

It is indeed important to find the right job that matches your interests and abilities, especially if it is supported by a high salary, but stability in this industry is also worth paying attention to so that later you do not get laid off.


The next criterion that you must consider in finding the right job is your interest in a job that you will be in. Ask yourself how interested you are in the job. Learn about the various ins and outs of the job, of course, if you already know and are willing to accept various kinds of consequences, this will certainly make you happier while doing the job.


The sixth criterion of finding the right job is self-development. Not all companies provide training or self-development for prospective workers. If you get a job that is accompanied by training, then this might be an interesting thing for you. Because during that period you can develop optimally to be able to join the company.

Therefore, it is important to find information about the various companies that you enter. Look for as much detail as possible from the company, so you can get accurate and promising information.

Understand every work rule that applies

Understanding each work rule that applies is also a very important point Finding the Right Job for you to know. There may be companies implementing regulations that don’t suit you. In fact, when you are already part of the company, of course you also have to know and comply with the various kinds of regulations that have been made by the company.

Understand well any existing work rules ranging from work schedules, availability of leave or so on.

The company’s reputation

The next criterion in finding the right job that you need to pay attention to is the reputation of the company you are applying for. The higher the reputation of the company, of course, also has a high salary and high competency requirements.

Not only a high salary, a company with a high reputation can also provide you with extensive work experience and opportunities. Well-known companies can also help you to get a plus from your CV so that later it can make it easier for you to have a career at a higher level.

One thing you need to know, it seems that having a career in a well-known company can make you more confident. Start by making a list of well-known companies that have a good reputation. Dig up various kinds of information from these companies both online and offline.

You can search for various kinds of information from the company by looking at the profile or review from the internet or asking acquaintances or anyone who has worked at the company.

Location of the company

The location of the company is also an important consideration in finding the right job. Look for company locations that are close to various facilities such as terminals, shopping centers and other public facilities.

In addition to a strategic location, also try to be close to your residence or house. Strategic location and close to home usually only around 10 km or less than 1 hour drive.

Choosing a nearby work location needs to be considered. With a short distance from home to where you work, you do not need to spend a lot of money, time and energy to travel from home to work.

In addition, a short distance can also make you fresher to start work every day due to fatigue during the trip.

However, if you find the right job, but which is far away, this can actually be solved by renting a boarding house or rented out as a place to live.

Have health insurance

The last criterion you need to pay attention to in finding the right job is that the company must have health insurance. This is in anticipation if in the future you have health problems while you are working there.

So, if you are married, ask clearly who are the family members whose health can be guaranteed by the company where you work.

The health insurance provided by the company can help you ease your finances when you have to pay for hospital fees, medicines, doctors or so on.

The health insurance provided by the company is a form of company concern for the health and welfare of its employees.

So, those are the ten criteria for finding the right job that you must know in order to get a decent job that suits you. Indeed, to find a job that matches your wishes and criteria is quite difficult.

With the various considerations above, here are tips on how to have a good job that suits you.

With the various considerations of finding the right job above, here are tips on how to have a good job that suits you.

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Finding the Right Job

4 Tips for finding the right job, according to your wishes


The first thing finding the right job that you have to do is writing down various kinds of job lists on a piece of paper.

Write down various kinds of criteria as well as some of the criteria above.

Give a score for each criterion, in order of highest to lowest according to your rating.

Give a maximum weight of 10 to make it easier for you to choose which company is the most important and has the highest score for you.


Next to the criteria column, make a column about the jobs that interest you. Fill in various types of work such as consultants, salespeople in industrial companies, banks, insurance, administration or others.

Give value to each of the jobs that you have filled in but still consider the criteria that you have compiled earlier.

For example, suppose you write down a job that interests you as a consultant. To give value in this section, pay attention to the various aspects that have been written, such as salary considerations, easy access or transportation, health insurance or so on.


After you write down the points of finding the right job that match your criteria, the next step is to multiply the two weights.

Multiply the weights in points 1 and points 2 to get the value of the criteria for the job you want.

For example, suppose you consider the resulting salary which is 9 with the weight of the type of work, for example a consultant is 8. By multiplying the two weights you will get a value of 72, and so on for each job you have written about.


Now, the last step that you must take in finding the right job list is to add up all of the multiplication results that you have calculated, so that you can get the total weight of each of the jobs that you have written down. The type of work that has the highest score indicates that satisfaction and interest in the company are also getting higher.

Those are the 4 tips for finding the right job which of course must also be accompanied by considering the 10 criteria for finding the right job above. As explained above, choosing a job is not an easy matter to do.

There are many considerations that you should really think about in order to find the right job that suits you.

One by one the criteria for choosing a job must be carefully considered. Because if you find the right job, this can make you feel sorry and have mental pressure for years. Moreover, in today’s era, it is not an easy matter just to find the right job that fits what you want.

Patience in finding the right job that you want is the main key. To be part of the company you want to be. Plus, the job you are looking for must be able to make yourself and your family prosperous. Do not let it, the job you choose becomes a burden for you and your family later.

Having a high education is also an important factor that you must have when applying for a job. Because this will also have an impact on the type of work, class and salary you will receive.

Try to find the right job in accordance with your major during your education so that you can develop yourself more quickly and can improve the quality of work for the better. Hopefully the 10 criteria for finding the right job and the tips for finding the right job above can be useful for you.

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