35 Examples of Job Interview Questions and Best Answers

Examples of Job Interview Questions

Examples of Job Interview Questions

Gealena – Examples of Job Interview Questions. What are job interview questions like? Every prospective employee will definitely face a job interview, and each individual must have a strategy in answering these interview questions. Every question in the job interview that is asked must be answered correctly and smartly.

After being busy registering on various job vacancy sites and passing the psychological test stage, now is the time for you to enter a job interview session that determines whether you will be accepted to work as a permanent employee at the company you are applying for.

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Examples of Job Interview Questions
Examples of Job Interview Questions, free-photos,pixabay.com

After reading this Examples of Job Interview Questions article and being accepted as an employee, you can read tips on becoming a permanent employee.

In the process of a job interview, it will definitely cause its own concerns. Sometimes even though we have prepared well, in fact during the interview there will be a feeling of nervousness, which increases heart rate and ultimately reduces self-confidence and concentration.

Panic will arise, and usually, every answer we give becomes less than optimal.

The solution is to study Examples of Job Interview Questions from questions that might be asked during a job interview.

And this can be learned!

When we are familiar with the questions asked in the interview, we will be trained in answering according to our educational background, experience, and ability to deliver good answers.

You will have an idea of ​​what answers to answer if you previously studied examples of the most common questions during a job interview.

So prepare as well as possible, here we will review 35 Examples of Job Interview Questions. Popular job interview questions and answer solutions. This article is helpful, and in the end, you will be the one to run it.

There are 3 main components to a common job interview;

  • About your personal data,
  • Your abilities and experience,
  • About Rights and Obligations if you are accepted such as salary and commitment.

Let us review the Examples of Job Interview Questions one by one.

Interview Questions to assess Psychology and your personal data

Usually in opening an interview session, the interviewer will start by asking for personal data. There are various types of interviewers, some create a friendly impression and dilute the atmosphere, some are immediately serious.

It is your job to answer each question seriously so that you attract attention and bring the atmosphere to life. You can learn this from the article Examples of Job Interview Questions.

1. The first interview question you will usually be asked to tell about yourself

Examples of Job Interview Questions This is the first question that usually comes up in a job interview.

“Tell me about yourself?”

You as a prospective employee must explain according to your personal data because this question will usually provoke further questions.

For example, My name is Alexander. I am an alumnus of the University of Havard management science. I am currently working as a Brand Manager at the Bank of Texas. I worked at the company since December 2019.

Try not to explain what you describe to make questions that will be difficult, just say what is needed and let the interviewer continue the questions. It is important that you are honest and what it is.

2. Are you really interested in management science and why choose management?

“This is a question you must answer firmly.”

For example, with the opener “Yes

Since I was in high school, I have been interested in management science. Then I majored in management in Havard to study management more deeply and it turned out that I didn’t make the wrong choice. I love the field and am always enthusiastic about learning.

That’s the reason I chose a management major.

3. Are your activities outside the campus scope?

For example, I work part-time at a typing service near campus. During my college period, I also attended Aikido martial arts training organized by alumni from the department.

4. Who pays for your Tuition?

For example, during college, I received a scholarship from the government. Because my parents only work as farmers, I also try to work part-time to make up for financial shortcomings. And the support of both parents keeps me excited.

5. How many siblings do you have in your family, tell me about your siblings and siblings?

For example, I am the first of three siblings, all of my younger siblings are currently in junior high and high school. I am proud of my two younger siblings because they always understand the simple conditions of the family.

From here, can you understand these Examples of Job Interview Questions? Ok we continue

6. What are your plans for the next 2-3 years?

For example, first, in the next 2 years, I want to be free from financial problems, of course, this will allow me to help my family pay for this year, my only sibling is just going to college.

For the next 3 years, I want to continue my Master’s. By continuing the Masters’s level, I will add skills and insight into management science so that it can support my abilities and career in the future.

7. Do you have any skills other than management science?

For example, “Yes. I am able to operate various computer programs well, such as MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoints, CorelDraw, Photoshop, and MS Access.”

In addition, during college, I joined the French-language community and took part in extra Russian language training campuses. Especially for French skills, it is really needed in the interview question session in French if it turns out that the interview uses French.

I also became a member of the Student Organization and served as a regeneration division for 2 years, and there I learned about leadership and often held leadership training.

8. What is a professional attitude in your opinion?

Professional means we are able to position every given responsibility, able to sort out which individual interests and which are company interests, do not mix the two interests.

9. What does life mean to you?

For Examples of Job Interview Questions, “Life is not just life, there is something we must look for and it is the duty of each individual to look for it“.

10. What does work mean to you?

For example, “I mean that work is not just looking for money or a position. But how can I work and contribute the best wherever I work.

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Examples of Job Interview Questions

Examples of Job Interview Questions About Your Skills and Experience

In this session, the company wants to see your qualifications from ability and experience through several questions. Examples of Job Interview Questions, for example, your career goals, how good you are at work, how loyal you are to the job and the company, how do you solve problems at work. And what will you give to the company?

Each position in an employee position in the company will have its own qualifications, for example, if you are applying as a Brand Manager it will be different if you are applying as a secretary.

This is the core session, whether later you are the best candidate who deserves to be accepted in the position you are applying for or not.

11. What is your strengths and weaknesses, please state?

For example, “my strengths are, I am honest, I adapt quickly to new environments, work hard and are smart. While I have the weakness of being forgetful, I usually anticipate it by writing down every important activity in my pocketbook and agenda which I always carry and open when I forget.”

12. How is your relationship with colleagues in the current company?

For example, “Due to my current position as a brand manager, I position myself professionally as a leader. But that doesn’t mean I am stiff, so far I have always resolved problems by prioritizing deliberation.”

For example, I once had a problem with the operational supervisor, because of the many customer complaints with the long service, but in the end, we discussed and were finally able to solve the problem according to our respective responsibilities ”

13. Which do you prefer, working alone or in a team?

Personally, I like working alone, I can also work in a team, of course, it must be adjusted to the type of work that I will complete.

14. If you were on a team, what position would you choose?

For example, in accordance with my current position as BM, I prefer to be a drafter, so that I can plan the strategy that will be taken. List who has the necessary skills, identify obstacles that will arise and make measurements and targets that must be achieved.

OK, how? You are starting to understand these Examples of Job Interview Questions, right?

15. Are you willing to work under pressure?

For example, of course, every position has its own pressure, so far I have been able to deal with work pressure. Because in fact, the pressure will make us upgrade the best ability we have.

16. How do you view and deal with criticism of yourself?

For example, basically, criticism is important for personal progress. So personally I will accept criticism from others, colleagues, or superiors. I will see and judge the criticism, whether it is good or not, if it is good I accept it, otherwise, I will ignore it.

17. What do you think is a difficult person to work with?

For Examples of Job Interview Questions, “For me, people who are difficult to work with are people who don’t want to learn, don’t want to be controlled, have many reasons, are unreliable, and like to gossip about other people.

18. What do you do if your subordinates make mistakes?

For example, “First I make sure I will not attack and blame, I will analyze, find the best solution from the object of error, not from who is wrong. Because everyone including you and I must have made mistakes.

So I will forgive and give him a chance. ”

19. If you were your boss and there were subordinates who wanted to complain about personal problems, what would you do?

At certain times as superiors we have to listen to problems from subordinates, not just work problems, personal problems I think I have to accept it.

Especially for personal problems, I will respond as much as possible and provide suggestions that might be useful for overcoming the problem at hand.

20. If at work you faced a big problem what would you do?

Examples of Job Interview Questions: Finding the source of the problem, determining how to solve it, then creating a prevention strategy so that the problem does not happen again.

21. Why are you interested in moving from your current job?

For example, I want to be more developed in everything, upgrade challenges with bigger responsibilities, I think this company is a big company with bigger challenges.

22. What was wrong with your previous job?

There’s nothing really wrong, it’s just irregular working hours, sometimes working from morning to morning again. Even though I am BM and have the right to make a policy, but the problem of division of hours of work has been determined by the central management.

23. Have you ever missed work?

For example, “Once, and it happened because of an emergency, and at that very minute I immediately called the office to ask for permission.”

24. Are you willing to work overtime?

Examples of Job Interview Questions, “Yes, I will. That doesn’t matter to me, as long as it’s in company policy. ”

25. What do you think makes this company attractive to you?

For example, “This company is looking for qualifications that match my abilities and fields, and with my experience, I fall into the criteria being sought. I think I can contribute and grow with this company.

26. How did you know this company?

For example, “I know this company from the products it releases, as well as from many friends who talk about this company. I also often see advertisements for this company in well-known mass media in Indonesia. ”

27. In your opinion, what is the difference between this company and other similar companies?

For Examples of Job Interview Questions, I think in terms of product quality and branding strategy, every product produced by this company on average dominates the market with a strong brand.

28. What are your plans for the next 4-5 years if you join this company?

Examples of Job Interview Questions, If I am accepted and join this company as a brand manager in my city branch, I will maximize product sales by opening 10 new outlets spread across my city.

If I succeed, I hope I can be placed as part of the central management that manages every branch office throughout the USA.

29. Are you ready to accept big responsibilities?

For example “Yes, I am ready. In my view, I have to be prepared to accept big responsibilities and a higher position in order to achieve the desired career. In this way, I can push myself to be better. ”

30. What kind of work system and environment do you prefer?

For Examples of Job Interview Questions, “I like to work in a transparent, fair, and orderly environment. Have a clear standard operating procedure (SOP), and a clear career path concept. Violations and rewards are given objectively and have enthusiastic, innovative, and optimistic colleagues.

31. Would you like to be placed outside the city?

For example, “I am willing, but my hope is that if I join I have the hope of being placed in my hometown, of course, it will not be a problem and it will not bother me if I am placed outside the city.”

Examples of Job Interview Questions
Examples of Job Interview Questions, pexels,pixabay.com

Questions Regarding Rights and Obligations

In this session, we will be asked about salary, maybe more precisely negotiating how much salary you are asking for.

32. How much is your salary at the current company?

Examples of Job Interview Questions, my base salary is US$ 350, my job allowance is US$ 65, attendance is US$ 145, so a total of US $ 560 per month.

33. How much salary do you expect from this company?

For Examples of Job Interview Questions, “I expect more than my salary at the previous company, US $ 750.”

34. What if our company pays you 9 million?

For example, No problem, like the initial commitment, I hope that my current salary is greater than the previous salary.

35. Well, are you committed and confident to occupy this position with that salary?

For example, “Yes, I am sure.”

This article’s Examples of Job Interview Questions is only limited to providing education, please improvise and adapt it to your conditions.

Again, the most important thing in a job interview besides communication skills is also the ability to influence and honesty.


Hopefully, the article is titled 35 Examples of Job Interview Questions. Along with Solutions, The answers can help you face the job interview process and succeed in becoming part of a permanent employee at the company. Examples of Job Interview Questions and appropriate answers will determine your success.

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