19 Duties Responsibilities of IT Support and Salaries. Complete explanation

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Duties Responsibilities of IT Support

Learn to become an IT expert by studying IT assignments Support

Gealena – Duties Responsibilities of IT Support. IT Support is an important position and part and must be in a company, institution, or all service-oriented fields or anything that requires IT. Every activity in the company requires IT assistance such as computers, LCDs, printers, Wi-Fi, and others.

In general, the task of IT support is to prepare all kinds of IT needs such as computers

and the things that are concerned with them.

Duties Responsibilities of IT Support
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The Importance of IT Support in Companies

The use of IT in this modern era. Is indeed very vital and has become a basic requirement. Because most of the jobs require IT. Without IT support, companies or organizations will find it difficult to prepare and handle IT such as installations, networks, and so on.

Duties Responsibilities of IT Support

As explained above the duties of an IT Support. Here are the points – detailed points for IT Support tasks:


  1. Troubleshoot network problems.
  2. Restoring the problematic system when used by the user for a short time.
  3. Perform regular updates on the system or application.
  4. Install the UPS on each computer.
  5. Repair all problematic computer networks.
  6. Install and configure antivirus for computer security.
  7. Cleaning the computer used by the user when exposed or identified by a virus.
  8. Creating or stringing networks and data cables.
  9. Distinguish and select the best cable for use on a computer network.
Duties Responsibilities of IT Support
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Duties Responsibilities of IT Support

IT Support has a heavy responsibility in its work. IT Support must always keep IT ready to use at any time.
The following are points of responsibility for IT Support in their work:


  1. Ensure all computers can be used.
  2. Make sure all computers are connected to the network.
  3. Ensure all applications can be used and run smoothly.
  4. Storing all data on the computer used by the user.
  5. Creating technical reports by means of documentation.
  6. Understand and master the basics of computers.
  7. Understand the working principles of switches, routers, and others.
  8. Bring back or restore existing data on the user’s computer if you experience problems.
  9. Make settings on the browser.
  10. Repair and prepare the damaged computer in the shortest time – in the shortest possible time.

Duties responsibilities of IT Support are indeed very important in a company or organization. Because all agencies definitely need a computer when working.

IT Support Salaries and Benefits

The salary received by an IT Support is different for each company or organization. The salary earned depends on the applicable company or organizational policies.

In addition, differences in salaries can also be due to regions that adjust salaries to the MSE of the region. The average salary received by IT supports is $20 per hour.

However, the amount of salary can change if you are in a bonnet company or organization such as Amazon which provides a salary of $35,700/yr to IT support.

Usually, the salary above does not include bonuses and other intensities such as overtime or the 13th salary. The amount of salary can also be determined from the skills and experience of IT Support itself.

Duties Responsibilities of IT Support
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General Requirements for Becoming IT Support

Like salary, the requirements if you want to become IT Support are different for each company. Where the company has its own standards in recruiting employees. The following is an example of the terms commonly used by companies in hiring employees:

Education and Experience

  • Male or female, maximum age 35 years.
  • Minimum education is Senior High School majoring in computer, technology, and information.
  • Experienced in IT, technology, networking for at least 1 year.
  • Understand and master everything related to computers.

These requirements are examples of requirements that are often used by many companies. Those with administrative status.

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Skills and Abilities

The final explanation Duties Responsibilities of IT Support In work or tasks that are carried out by IT support, it cannot only be based on theory, but it requires skills or the ability to overcome any problems that occur.

The following are some of the skills or abilities that IT Support must master:

  • Mastering and understanding Microsoft applications.
  • Can work quickly in fixing problems that occur on the user’s computer.
  • Expertise in assembling computer installations.
  • Understand wired and wireless networks.
  • Master programmer.
  • Can repair network quickly.
  • Able to protect computers from viruses or irresponsible parties who want to disrupt the system.

At least you can use your skills or abilities to support performance and carry out the big Duties Responsibilities of IT Support. Jobs as IT Support are really needed by companies and are in great demand. But behind it, all being an IT support requires good skills or abilities.

Many Duties Responsibilities of IT Support Skills Companies Are Looking For.

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