8 Best Ways to Answer Job Interview Questions, About Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Answer Job Interview Questions

Answer Job Interview Questions, About Your Strengths and Strengths


Gealena – Answer Job Interview Questions. Job interviews must be passed by a job seeker. There are many questions the interviewer will ask you. One of the scourges is the Answer Job Interview Questions about strengths and weaknesses.

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“Why did you apply for a job at our company”? And “tell me about yourself”?


Answer Job Interview Questions

Please, if you are also confused about how to answer the job interview questions, you can read our tips.

Me, and maybe you will definitely find it difficult to mention the advantages and disadvantages. Especially mentioning some of our personal shortcomings.

Let us review “Job Interview Questions” one by one;

There are 8 ways to answer the question Answer Job Interview Questions “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” It is more about tips on how you can answer that question.

# Do not reveal your shortcomings which have fatal consequences!

The Answer Job Interview Questions reveal weaknesses that can still be tolerated, for example, minor health problems such as ulcers.

Don’t ever say that you are a lazy person, always wake up late, can’t work with the team, or that you are a grumpy person who is usually rude to your opponent.

Avoid really expressing it. Express weaknesses that can be tolerated, and in the future, it will not interfere with your professionalism as an employee.

You can tell that you are not very smart, but will always work hard and try your best.

# Insert a solution in the middle of your shortcomings!

What does it mean?

When you Answer Job Interview Questions, explaining your shortcomings, you must make sure that you will try not to do that.

For example, you are not very good at making financial planning, but you must be able to convince the interviewer that you will continue to learn and try. So that will get the best results.

For example, you have asthma and gastritis that will recur if you breathe dirty air and eat late. You can find a solution related to this.

For example, you will commit to always carrying a mask and food supplies in a bag, or at your work table.

# Keep gestures and control every movement or speech

During the Answer Job Interview Questions session, enter the question of what are your weaknesses and strengths, usually, you will be nervous because you are confused about what to answer.

No matter how nervous you are, never show your nervousness and anxiety. Stay concentrated and focused, and show a calm gesture.

There are real tips to keep you calm in a job interview.

What is that?

Before the interview, you must study the culture and environmental habits of the company.

In addition to learning technical things about the company, you must also learn about the environment, such as how employees interact and so on.

In essence, you have at least a provision of knowledge about the company and its work environment. I guarantee you will feel calm when the job interview takes place.

# Never BE OUT OF CONTEXT with a question and don’t be pretentious either!

When the Answer Job Interview Questions try not to make up answers but also try not to be pretentious.

The interviewer is unlikely to ask questions that are very technical about the company you are applying for.

If the interviewer asks about very technical things about the company, it could be that the interviewer is looking for your shortcomings through the questions asked.

“They need your skills not your ego”

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Answer Job Interview Questions

Remember, you don’t know what to do, and don’t answer, I don’t know. At least you can answer in the following way;

For example, you can answer with sentences; “Maybe there are things I don’t know. If allowed, may I know what they are?

This is only a narrative from me, please improvise and adjust it to the questions asked. Answer the questions according to current proportions.

# What do you want to answer? The term “Stuck”! You can answer this way!

In several cases of Answer Job Interview Questions, there were interviewers who were “blank” either because they lacked focus and concentration, did not know what to answer, or either because of panic.

This is what can be called Stuck.

This condition is usually experienced when you are in a question session about personal strengths and weaknesses.

You can make a general narrative,

.. for example by answering, “I am not very good at delegating tasks to colleagues, because I am not sure about the results my colleagues will get.”

Or, by answering “sometimes I can’t take the momentum to criticize my coworkers, so I often feel bad

# You are the Perfectionist type

Preference nature can be your weakness and strength. This can be an answer to the question of what are your strengths and weaknesses.

I am a perfectionist, I cannot fix the slightest mistake, especially if the mistakes are repeated“.

This assessment depends on how the interviewer reacts to your answer.

# You are the type of person who cannot Multi-Tasking

During the Answer Job Interview Questions, explain that you are the type of person who cannot do a lot of work at one time.

You can only focus on one job first and then do another job.

You will only do the work that is huddled and well-planned.

This can lead HRD to conclude that you are a focused person.

# I am an outspoken person

In the professional world, being outspoken is an advantage.

However, it becomes deficient when the orientation is in communication relations with colleagues or subordinates.

Say that you are a person who always bluntly tells colleagues that this is wrong and that it is true.

Sometimes I am not very sensitive to the feelings of coworkers.

This characteristic in the Answer Job Interview Questions can be a weakness and a strength. Tell them that I am always open to suggestions and criticism from others.


In the Answer Job Interview Questions, what are your strengths and weaknesses, try not to overdo it.

Maintain focus and concentration, maintain body gestures, and control your speech when answering questions or explaining statements.

Those are 8 tips and ways to deal with the Answer Job Interview Questions session about strengths and weaknesses. Hope this is useful, greetings of success!


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