Public Relationship Skills, Top 10 Skills You Should Know

Public Relationship Skills

Public Relationship Skills

GealenaPublic Relationship Skills. A staff or public relations practitioner (PR) or Public Relations (PR Practitioner) is a professional.

Like doctors, lawyers, and journalists, public relations practitioners (must) have certain expertise and adhere to the professional code of ethics.

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What skills should a Public Relationship Skills practitioner or Public Relations staff have?


The main skills that must be possessed by Public Relations are communication skills, both oral communication, written communication, personal communication, media communication, and visual communication.

Public Relationship Skills

In the internet era, PR has entered the online Public Relationship Skills practice. So, public relations are also required to control the internet, online media, websites, and social media or internet association with netizens.

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Public Relationship Skills

As reported by The Guardian page, there are at least five Public Relationship Skills that must be possessed by Public Relations:

1. Communication skills

Public relations or PR must be a good communicator. Public relations need not only be confident speakers, but also good listeners.

A Public Relationship Skills professional must also be sensitive to subtle nuances in language and culture, as the job will involve communicating with various people across various media (social media, in person, by phone, and in writing) in different areas.

2. Research skills (research)

A PR person needs to be a good researcher to be able to communicate accurately and authoritatively about a subject, so that science or history graduates, for example, will be well placed to impart these skills.

Public Relationship Skills practitioners should stay up to date with current developments and enjoy learning about new markets.

Public Relationship Skills

3. Writing skills

Writing is a traditional skill of a PR practitioner. He is expected to write interesting content for clients, be it articles for magazines, case studies, or press releases.

Public Relationship Skills professionals have an excellent grammar understanding and experience writing a wide range of content – from essays to presentations and briefings.

4. International mindset

There is an increasing demand for language skills due to the globalization of business. For example, a client in the UK may not have the budget for a large PR program in a foreign market but have an urgent need to include content in that language on their website or blog.

So, the more languages ​​a Public Relationship Skills professional has, the greater their chances of international posts and new business.

5. Creativity

A career in PR will provide countless opportunities to be creative, not only in terms of writing but also in coming up with new ways to promote business and approach new clients.

Public relation is a profession that constantly requires fresh ideas and lateral thinking, so having a creative style can be an important skill to lead you to career success.

10 Public Relations Skills

The following are the skills a public relations practitioner must have according to Cutlip, Center, and Broom in Effective Public Relationship Skills in Interpersonal Communication.

1. Writing

Writing is a key skill a public relations practitioner or public relations officer should have. Not just writing haphazardly; writing must contain elements of “green journalism”.

Posts that are usually written by a PR officer take the form of a news release or press release, “newsletter”, correspondence, reports, booklets, speech scripts, radio and TV scripts, film scripts, magazine articles and newsletters, product information, and so on.

2. Editing (Editing)

Checking internal and external communications in the form of publications. Editing is the work of selecting, assessing, and improving writing, as well as photos and videos, in terms of language (editorial), design, and content (substance).

3.Media Relations (Relations with the Media)

Relations with the media, providing information, responding to requests for information are some of the main tasks and functions of public relations.

Also called press relations, Public Relationship Skills must establish good relations with journalists or the media to maintain a positive image of the institution in media coverage.

4. Special Events

Design and handle press conferences, exhibitions, open houses, company anniversary celebrations, fundraisers, contests, awards, and so on. In this case, PR also plays a role as an event organizer.

5. Speaking (Talking)

Speaking for the organization or designing the appearance of others in public. Public relations must master the basic skills of event readers (MC), as well as being a good speaker because they are required to appear in press conferences or interviews.

Public Relationship Skills

6. Production

Public relations must be skilled in communicating using skills and knowledge about multimedia; including

art photography, brochure layouts, booklets, institutional advertisements, periodical publications, sound recording, and auditing and videotapes, audiovisual presentations, and so on.

7. Research

Public relations practitioners should gather information to make it easier for organizations to plan programs according to public needs, monitor the effectiveness of PR programs during implementation, and evaluate their impact.

8. Programming & Counseling

Programs and guidance that define needs, priorities, goals, publics, goals, and strategies, working with management or clients for problem-solving processes.

9. Training

Train or work closely with representatives of the organization to prepare for media, presentations, and other public appearances.

10. Management.

Public relations, personnel, finance, and program operations administration activities.

Online Public Relations Skills

In the internet era, public relations activities are inevitably carried out on the internet. PR practitioners are also guided to adjust and be able to carry out public relations activities on the internet known as Online PR or Cyber ​​PR.

According to Bob Julius Onggo in Cyber ​​Public Relations, E-PR (electronic public relations), Cyber ​​PR, Online PR, or PR on the net, is a public relations activity that uses the internet as a communication medium.

Internet media is used by Public Relations to build a brand (brand) and maintain public trust (trust). Thousands of one-to-one relations can be built simultaneously via the internet because of their interactive nature.

The advantages of online PR, according to Bob Julis, are:

  • Constant communication
  • Internet works 24/7 (24 hours x 7 days)
  • Potential worldwide target public – Global market
  • Prompt response
  • Interactive, two-way communication
  • Save money.

As a team, the offline PR and Marketing Department can generate 3Rs for an agency or company:

  • Relations – able to interact with various target audiences to build relationships and company image.
  • Reputation – is the art of building a good online reputation on an ongoing basis.
  • Relevance – getting each online initiative relevant to the target corporate audience.

Through online media, PR can deliver press releases, articles, photos, voice, and/or video to news sites, and can participate in discussions with communities related to or related to the core business of the organization.

Public Relations online media include:

  • E-mail
  • Mailing lists
  • Electronic Newsletter (Ezine)
  • Blog
  • Twitter and Microblogging
  • Facebook
  • YouTube.

Online Public Relations Skills

Public Relations can make the institution’s official website a “hub” or center for online PR activities.

Therefore, the Public Relationship Skills must-have for online PR activities include:

  • Graphic design
  • Visual Content
  • Data analysis
  • Social media
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Blogging
  • Video Production & Editing
  • Content Creation & Curation

These are some of the expertise or Public Relationship Skills practitioner or modern and professional PR staff must-have.

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